Compact NMR Spectroscopy Platform - Aspect AI-60 is here to save the day!

Compact NMR Spectroscopy Platform:

Real-time Compositional Analysis

NMR or Nuclear Magnetic Resonance is an effect whereby magnetic nuclei in a magnetic field absorb and re-emit electromagnetic (EM) energy at a specific resonance frequency. This physical phenomena provides a picture or spectra of the hydrocarbon structure, which can determine physical and chemical information. A major benefit of this NMR Spectroscopy Analyzer is the capability to provide continuous flow-through and accurate chemical and physical analysis of multiple components in dense and opaque materials such as crude oil and petrochemicals. Aspect Imaging’s Compact NMR platform provides the modern petroleum and petrochemical plant managers with a reliable, quantitative tool using state-of-the-art NMR technology to provide real-time compositional analysis in-line with production flows. Used in production facilities worldwide, Aspect Imaging’s Compact NMR platform is an invaluable tool that allows for real-time separation and optimization of production flows to increase yield, increase quality, reduce mixing of different or unwanted elements, and increasing overall ROI.

Crude Oil Feeding and Blending

The Compact NMR Spectroscopy platform can measure and quantify the following elements:

  • API Gravity
  • Water
  • Viscosity
  • Sulfur
  • API Predictive Yields
NMR Imaging

Crude Oil and FCC Run-Down

The Compact NMR platform can measure and quantify the following elements:

  • Cetane Index
  • Distillation
  • Flash Point
  • Cloud Point
  • Freeze Point
  • Octane (RON,MON)
  • Specific Gravity @ 15C
  • Density
  • RVP
  • Naphthalene Content
  • Viscosity
  • Pour Point
NMR Imaging

The Aspect Imaging Compact NMR Spectroscopy Platform has the following attributes:

Feature Benefit
Real time, continuous flow-through stream analysis
  • Reduction in response time from lab allows tighter control of production-line
Provides analysis in dense and opaque materials
  • Optimal for crude oil, FCC and heavy petrochemical in-line analysis
Direct Molecular Measurement
  • No indirect predictions on critical measurements
Linear Spectral Response across broad range
  • Models can be extrapolated accurately
Direct and Multi-property analysis
  • Replaces conventional analyzers and provide faster results
  • Provides high accuracy data for precise control
  • High repeatability and reproducibility
Simple Sample Conditioning required
  • No water removal, limited filtering to protect valve seats
Minimal maintenance required
  • No moving parts in sensor