Advanced Industrial Products

Real-time rheology
and fluid compositional
analysis solutions.

Driving ROI through
real-time insights.

Aspect Imaging’s advanced industrial solutions offer powerful
compact MR and NMR tools for comprehensive real-time
measurement and quantification of rheology, flow dynamics and
materials composition.

FlowScan™ Real-Time Rheology System™
Quantifying Inline Flow Dynamics.

Real-time non-invasive rheology platform using compact MRI for inline and
micro-line applications.

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MicroFlowScan™ Real-Time Rheology System
Quantifying Micro-Line Flow Dynamics.

The MicroFlowScan™ system is a bench-top real-time rheology system
targeted for micro-line applications.

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Compact NMR Platform
The Next Generation in Materials Analysis.

A real-time, continuous flow-through stream analysis platform for direct
molecular measurement and direct and multi-property analysis.

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