Wrist MRI Machine - Portable MRI Technology with Effortless Imaging


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A novel MRI platform for high-throughput imaging of the wrist in a comfortable stress-free environment. The Wrist MRI is quiet, safe (it has a very low external magnetic fringe field), does not require dedicated facilities and requires marginal maintenance. The Wrist MRI can be operated by a physician or a technician, has a small footprint, and can be placed in many locations and smaller spaces within a hospital or clinical setting.

Just-in-Time, Just-in-Place Imaging

Simple Workflow

Simple Workflow.
Fast Results.

The patient’s hand is placed in a glove and then in the appropriate wrist coil. The operator then sets up the study and imaging procedure. Once the study is prepared, the hand is placed in the MR machine and imaging is initiated quickly and with marginal effort. A technician or the physician can easily run the scan and generate compelling imaging results in minutes.


Stress-Free Imaging.

Patient comfort is paramount with the Wrist MR system, which only requires that the patient’s hand and wrist be placed in the magnet for the imaging session. The patient sits comfortably in a chair without the opportunity for claustrophobia frequently experienced with full-body imaging systems. In addition, the system operates very quietly making the imaging session routine and stress-free.


Just-in-Place Imaging.

Because there is a very low external magnetic field, the imaging procedure is quick to prepare for and to initiate. As the system requires no dedicated facility, no specialty shielding and no coolants or unique power requirements, the system can be placed in many locations or small spaces in a hospital or clinical setting.

Minutes to generate

Minutes to generate
compelling results.

The system generates compelling high-resolution MR images of the wrist in imaging sessions that routinely take just minutes. Images can be viewed on the system workstation or outputted to DICOM and accessed throughout the hospital or remotely via standard imaging workstations for review.

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