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Part Two: Workshop MRI-based Histology for Toxicologic Pathology (JSTP 2014)

Isotropic 3-D in vivo MR images of rats and mice as well as images of formalin-fixed whole tissue specimens are possible with compact scanners that can now be safely used in an animal room, a histology laboratory, or a pathologist’s office. Compact MR in vivo imaging (M2™ 3D MR-based compact histology system, Aspect Imaging) provides an opportunity for longitudinal evaluation of tissue changes and tumor development in experimental animal models. Imaging of whole fixed tissue samples permits a thorough examination of multiple digital slices with subsequent volumetric measurement of 3-dimensional structures while leaving the specimen intact for subsequent conventional H&E histology. This session will provide examples of major organ system pathologies encountered in rodent toxicity and carcinogenicity studies with emphasis on how MR imaging technology can serve as an important adjunct to conventional pathology evaluation. The objective will be to use rodent animal models & show live animal images followed by images of the fixed specimens from the same animal model and comparison with conventional H&E-stained sections. In part two of this presentation, the following models will be presented:
  • Rat brain stroke model
  • Subcutaneous lesion model
  • Osteoarthritis in rats model
  • Mouse synovitis/arthritis model
  • Biodegradable implant model
  • Intraperitoneal ovarian cancer model
  • Rat renal tumors in archival tissues


Rat brain stroke model, Subcutaneous lesion model, Osteoarthritis in rats model, Mouse synovitis/arthritis model, Biodegradable implant model, Intraperitoneal ovarian cancer model, Rat renal tumors in archival tissues, M2 MR-based Histology


Toxicology, pathology, arthritis, inflammation, cancer, developmental biology, implantable device monitoring


Relevant Product(s)
M2 MR-based Histology System
Robert Maronpot, DVM, MS, MPH
Maronpot Consulting, LLC Raleigh, NC, USA

Abraham Nyska, DVM, Diplomate ECVP, Fellow IATP
Consultant in Toxicological Pathology, Timrat Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel

Yael Schiffenbauer, Ph.D
Manager, Scientific Applications, Aspect Imaging Shoham, Israel