M-Series Compact, High-Performance MRI

Aspect Imaging’s M-series of compact, high-performance MRI systems provide for the most flexible, affordable and easy-to-use in vivo MR imaging systems for pre-clinical research. Select the model that best suits your research needs - and leverage the broad set of biomarkers and phenotypes that can be quantified.

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Just as researchers are creating breakthroughs in the understanding of disease using animal models, so has Aspect Imaging created a paradigm shift in pre-clinical phenotyping using MRI. Introducing the “M-Family” ( M2, M3, and M10 of compact, high-performance MRI systems. The Aspect Imaging high-performance magnets also power the Bruker ICON™ compact, high-performance MRI system and Mediso’s nanoScan® platform . With the Aspect Imaging MRI platform, never has compact MRI imaging been so easy to install and to use, so affordable and so easy to generate quantitative 3D whole body results.

  • Affordable: The M-series instruments are affordable, both in terms of equipment costs as well as the absence of any room or facilities and preparation costs. Unlike conventional superconducting MRI systems or cryogen-free MRI systems, there are virtually no ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Easy to Install: M-Series instruments are routinely installed in a few hours and first images are acquired by the end of the first day. Never has MRI been so easy to install and so quick to start imaging.
  • Easy to Learn: The M-Series compact MRI systems are developed with integrated animal handling systems and simple, intuitive software that enables a researcher with no imaging experience to quickly perform routine imaging and quantification of their results.
  • Easy to Use: Routine high-throughput 3D whole body imaging is easily and quickly performed by researchers or technicians without prior MRI experience.
  • Placed Anywhere: The M-Series compact MRI systems can be placed in most locations in a research setting - - in a lab, in a core imaging facility, next to other modalities or even behind the barrier.
  • Powerful Applications: The M-Series compact MRI systems perform a compressive array of 3D anatomical, functional and molecular in vivo imaging applications.
  • Powerful In Vivo Results: The M-Series compact MRI systems quantify disease phenotypes, monitor disease progression and therapeutic efficacy and do so non-invasively, longitudinally and reliably.