3D MR-Based Histology System

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The 3D MR-based histology system can be placed in any lab, core facility or office and the streamlined workflow makes high-throughput 3D imaging of fixed samples quick and easy for the modern toxicology lab or researcher.Works on all M-series systems.

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Workflow for 3D MR-based Histology

Step 1

Samples placed in M2 cartirdges

Samples placed in cartridges

Fixed samples (whole organs or tissue samples) are placed in the cartridges. As MR imaging is non-destructive, the tissue is unchanged with imaging and routine immunohistochemistry is easily performed following the 3D MR-based histology.

Step 2

Custom bar codes

Custom bar codes are printed and samples are scanned

The system issues unique bar code stickers which are applied to each cartridge. Each cartridge is scanned and the software brings up the study software, which allows the operator to enter study- and sample-specific data. The appropriate imaging protocol is selected and associated with the sample bar code.

Step 3

Up to 10 cartidges are pre-loaded

Up to 10 cartridges are pre-loaded

The “auto-loader” allows up to 10 cartridges to be pre-loaded. A sample is advanced into the system, its bar code is read and the appropriate protocol run. The next sample is automatically advanced starting the process again.

Step 4

Easy-to-manage high-throughput 3D MR-based histology

Easy-to-manage high-throughput 3D MR-based histology

The system can automatically generate high-resolution 3D data sets of up to 10 samples. The system can run a quick sample in a few minutes or can be set-up and the samples run overnight, unattended.