Wrist 2 MRI System

Effortless, Just-in-Time, Just-in-Place Imaging.

Effortless, Just-in-Time, Just-in-Place Imaging.

The successful wrist 2 MRI system is now replaced by the next generation wrist 3 MRI System.


Wrist 2 MRI – A novel MRI platform for high-throughput imaging of the wrist in a comfortable stress-free environment. The Wrist 2 MRI is quiet and safe, with a negligible external magnetic fringe field. Additionally, with its small footprint and convenient portability, it does not require dedicated facilities and can be used in a wide variety of smaller settings within a hospital or clinic. The Wrist 2 MRI can be operated by a physician or a technician and requires minimal maintenance.

Coronal View of Human Wrist

Simple Four-Step Workflow for Comfortable, Stress-Free Imaging and Fast Results  

Step 1: Patient Preparation
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The Wrist 2 MRI is designed to give the patient as comfortable and stress-free experience as possible. The patient sits comfortably in the integrated, adjustable chair, while the hand and wrist are placed into the machine and fully supported. This precludes the often discomfiting and claustrophobic experience of larger, full-body MRI systems. Additionally, the system operates very quietly.

Step 2: Preparing the wrist for imaging
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The patient’s hand is placed in a special glove and wrist coil, and the operator sets up the study and imaging procedure. The hand is then placed inside the aperture of the MRI machine and the imaging process is initiated. The whole process routinely takes several minutes. The procedure is intuitive and user-friendly for physician and technician alike, with clear, comprehensive imaging results produced within minutes.

Step 3: Just-in-Time, Just-in-Place Imaging                             
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Due to the Wrist 2 MRI’s extremely low external magnetic field, the imaging procedure can be swiftly prepared and initiated. Additionally, because the Wrist 2 MRI does not require a dedicated facility or specialized shielding and cooling systems, the unit can be used in a wide variety of smaller settings within a hospital or clinic.

Step 4: Clear and Comprehensive Results Within Minutes
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The imaging procedure routinely takes several minutes, producing comprehensive, high-resolution MR images of the patient’s wrist. The images can then be viewed on the integrated system workstation, or outputted to DICOM for hospital-wide or remote viewing.

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