Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement

Welcome to Aspect Imaging Inc.’s website (“Aspect Imaging” and the “Website“).



Aspect Imaging sees great importance and is committed to provide equal right for persons with disabilities. For that reason, we have implemented an accessibility component in our Website and are continuing our efforts to improve its accessibility.

All accessibility options are available to you in each and every one of our Website’s pages, by using the “Accessibility Helper” menu found in the upper right corner of your screen.

The accessibility component and our Website are accessible in accordance with Israeli standard 5568 (AA success criteria) and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 published by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).


Accessibility Adaptations

Our Website includes the following accessibility adaptations:

  • Skip links menu
  • Skip link inside WAH sidebar before exiting
  • Font resize (rem, zoom or script) + reset font size button
  • DOM Scanner – check pages and posts for accessibility errors, like: image alt, links role and titles, and much more.
  • Custom colors for contrast mode
  • Lights Off mode
  • Actions & Filters Hooks was added
  • Custom logo position
  • Contrast mode (color gamma)
  • Unload all css files (display page in raw html)
  • Underline all links
  • Highlight all links
  • Attachments control center with ability to add/edit images titles and alt tags
  • Alt+Z – open accessibility sidebar
  • Alt+X – close accessibility sidebar
  • Control all attachments images from one place with AJAX functions
  • Role=”link” for each a tag
  • Remove title attributes from links
  • HTML5 Landmark control center
  • Save contrast mode with user cookies
  • Clear selection from cookies
  • Hide sidebar in mobile devices controls
  • Control sidebar position (left or right)
  • Greyscale images controls
  • Dark & Light Themes controls
  • Font family controls
  • Invert colors & images mode
  • Remove CSS Animations option
  • Readable Font option (quick switch to Arial font family)
  • Sortable widgets order (drag and drop)


Contact Us

If you have encountered any accessibility difficulty while using our Website, please contact our accessibility coordinator through any of the channels provided below and we will use our best efforts to address any notification, comment, request or complaint as soon as possible.

Mail: 27 Shaked St. Modi’in Industrial Park, Shoham, 6085001 Israel; Phone: +972 73 2239000; email;; or through our online contact form.
Last updated: March 2018

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