AI-60 Benchtop NMR

AI-60 Benchtop
NMR Lab System

All-Purpose NMR Spectrometer for Multiple-Property Measurements

AI-60 Lab NMR System – Portable 60MHz FT Lab NMR

Aspect AI-60 – a Multi-Function Total Lab Solution enabling 60MHz, High-Temperature Analysis for Laboratory and Inline Applications

Aspect AI-60 Lab NMR System’s permanent magnet design requires no cryogens as the system is powered by one standard wall outlet (110/220v). Samples can be run neat, in conventional protonated solvents, or, in deuterated NMR solvents.

Probes accept standard 5 mm or 10  mm  NMR  tubes.  Flow cell and variable temperature (up to 140°C) are also available. Complete automation of all NMR tasks (Acquisition, Processing, Integration,   Results   Reporting)   enables   walk-up   applications   with minimum user training and/or experience.

Spectral processing facilitates use of a variety of chemometric  based routines  for multiple  property measurements.

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Get immediate results and instantly improve the profitability and productivity of your lab analysis system with at-line and in-line real-time data measurement.

Main Benefits:

  • Multi-property analyses with one easy-to-use system – fast, accurate and cost-effective.
  • Reaction Monitoring
  • Simulation of process control / pilot
  • High temperature measurements of material properties (up to 140°C)
  • Reduces time-consuming ASTM based laboratory tests
  • Allows for the verification of crude oil integrity throughout shipping and receiving
  • Multinuclear Capability (1H, 13C, 31P, 19F, etc.)
  • Reproducible Data
  • Quantitative Results

The system comprises four main components:

  • AMOS Spectrometer (Digital, fully broadbanded)
  • Magnet (60MHz 1H frequency)
  • 48 Channel Active Shim Set (for unparalleled field homogeneity)
  • Clean RF Chain for optimal sensitivity (SNR)

Plus: other accessories such as VT probe and rheology pump

The incredible stability of our magnets, the variable temperature range, our broadband capability, and true flow capability (accurate Reaction Monitoring), are ground-breaking features that put Aspect at the forefront of the NMR field.

AI-60 NMR Lab System Advantages:

  • At-line analysis:

    • Flow-through capabilities
    • Variable Temperature capability up to 140 °c
  • Provides analysis in dense and opaque materials
  • Direct Molecular Measurement
  • Minimal maintenance required (No moving parts in sensor)
  • Direct and Multi-property analysis
  • No water removal necessary
  • Certified for CE, TUV

Aspect AI-60 NMR Lab System capabilities are proven in these applications:

  • General Purpose Lab Application Development 
    • Academic
    • Industrial Research
  • Petroleum analysis:
    • Rapid Crude Oil Assay
    • Distillate analysis (Naphtha; Kerosene; Diesel)
    • FCC inlet (HVGO)
    • Lube Oil Analysis
  • Fish Oil production:
    • Omega 6, Omega 3
  • Pharmaceuticals:
    • Reaction Monitoring
    • Food and drug adulteration

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