Ai-60 Process Analyzer for Oil and Gas

AI-60 Process Analyzer
for Oil and Gas

Rapid Crude Oil Assay

AI-60 Process Analyzer Applications

The AI-60 is here to save the day for Rapid Crude Oil Assay

Aspect has 25 years of in-line Process NMR experience in petroleum refining. With the AI-60 Process NMR Analyzer, wide ranging predictive models, crude oil distillation cut points, density, water and estimated sulfur are determined within minutes. The sample conditioning is fully automated and requires zero preparation by the refinery engineers. Critical data measured in-line on a real-time basis is automatically transmitted to the DCS to provide the ability to optimize the refining process. This directly translates into millions of dollars of savings. The technology is applicable to all crudes, whether whole, opaque or blended.

Aspect has a proprietary sample conditioning system that can accommodate high temperature (140°) and highly corrosive samples in-line in real-time. We have recently installed the world’s first NMR Analyzer (Aspect AI-60) at a Silicon production plant in China. This is a highly demanding application that has dramatically improved the efficiency and profitability of the Silicon plant.

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Main Benefits:

  • Multi property analyses with one easy to use system
  • Reduces time consuming ASTM based laboratory tests
  • Allows for the verification of crude oil integrity throughout shipping and receiving
  • Allows control of crude feed to the CDU and correlation with distillate yields

Using the AI-60 Lab Crude Analyzer, assay data can be obtained quickly, accurately, and economically.

Crude Oil Feeding and Blending

The Aspect AI-60 Process Analyzer an measure and quantify the following elements:

  • API Gravity
  • Water
  • Viscosity
  • Sulfur
  • API Predictive Yields

Crude Oil and FCC Run-Down

The Aspect AI-60 Process Analyzer can measure and quantify the following elements:

  • Cetane Index
  • Distillation
  • Flash Point
  • Cloud Point
  • Freeze Point
  • Octane (RON,MON)
  • Specific Gravity @ 15C
  • Density
  • RVP
  • Naphthalene Content
  • Viscosity
  • Pour Point

Download the AI-60 Process Analyzer Refinery Applications brochure for more information

The Aspect AI-60 Process NMR Analyzer has the following attributes:

Feature Benefit
Direct and Multi-property analysisReplaces conventional analyzers and provide faster results
Provides high accuracy data for precise control
High repeatability and reproducibility
Direct Molecular MeasurementNo indirect predictions on critical measurements
Linear Spectral Response across broad rangeModels can be extrapolated accurately
Minimal maintenance requiredNo moving parts in sensor
Provides analysis in dense and opaque materialsOptimal for crude oil, FCC and heavy petrochemical in-line analysis
Real time, continuous flow-through stream analysis
Reduction in response time from lab allows tighter control of production-line
Simple Sample Conditioning requiredNo water removal, limited filtering to protect valve seats


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