AI-60 Process Analyzer for Industrial Applications

AI-60 Process Analyzer for Industrial Applications

Enabling real-time, continuous flow-through stream analysis

AI-60 Process Analyzer for Industrial Applications

Aspect AI-60 NMR Process Analyzer enables real-time, continues flow-through stream analysis and can provide analysis in dense and opaque materials.

AI-60 Process Analyzer advantages:

  • Real time, continuous flow-through stream analysis
  • Provides analysis in dense and opaque materials
  • Direct Molecular Measurement
  • Linear Spectral Response across broad range
  • Simple Sample Conditioning required
  • Minimal maintenance required (NMR – No moving parts in sensor)
  • Direct and Multi-property analysis
  • No water removal necessary
  • Certified for ATEX II 2G Eex pdem [ib] IIC T4

Aspect AI-60 NMR Process Analyzer rapid analysis capabilities are proven in these applications:

  • Petroleum analysis:
    • Rapid Crude Oil Assay
    • Crude Oil Blending Optimization
    • CDU optimization
    • FCC optimization
    • Lube Production optimization
  • Fish Oil production:
    • Omega 6, Omega 3
  • Polymers:
    • Organic Silicon Process Optimization
    • Methyl Methacrylate (MMA)
  • Pharmaceuticals:
    • Reaction Monitoring
    • Food and drug adulteration


Aspect AI-60 Process Analyzer for Optimizing the Crude Distillation Unit (CDU)

The Challenge

Comprehensive and rigorous control of the process parameters of the Crude Distillation Unit (CDU) is an essential requirement for the optimal production of naphtha, kerosene and gas oil. This is a major challenge for every oil refinery. Off-line quality control, which includes sampling and laboratory analyses, is time consuming, while inadequate on-line, real-time control of crude oil and product quality will directly affect the efficiency and the profit of the refinery.

The Solution – Aspect AI NMR Technology

By employing the Aspect AI Process Analyzer, full control of product quality can be achieved, bringing maximum profit at minimum cost.

The Aspect AI system includes:

  • AI-60 Process Analyzer (NMR)
  • Process NMR software
  • ModelGateway software

The entire CDU process is monitored and analyzed in real-time: from the incoming crude oil, through the feed, to the final distillate products. Together with the Process NMR and ModelGateway software, physical properties, such as boiling and distillation points, can be accurately predicted enabling accurate cutting between two adjoining distillates and immediate corrective actions to be taken when required. The CDU is now able to change production conditions so that high-value, high-yield distillates are produced at maximum capacity, enabling the recovery of an additional 300-500 barrels per day from a typical 100,000 barrel-per-day CDU.

Aspect AI offers accurate process analysis and control of the CDU—from crude feed to finished distillates—bringing maximum profit at minimum cost.

AI-60 Process Analyzer – Driving ROI through real-time crude analysis


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