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Aspect Imaging Announces FDA Clearance of Embrace; the first dedicated Neonatal MRI System for the NICU

 After previously securing $150 million in funding, Aspect Imaging has been granted Food and Drug Administration clearance for the first magnetic resonance imaging machine (MRI) intended for placement in neonatal intensive care units (NICU) TEL AVIV, July 25, 2017 - <...

Aspect Imaging Fuels Up With $30 Million for Compact MRI Systems

The Wall Street Journal By Brian Gormley April 14, 2017 6:30 p.m. ET     Aspect Imaging has raised $30 million to complete development on making MRI systems more widely accessible in places like emergency rooms and neonatal intensive care units. Aspect’s fourth financing round brings its total venture backing to ...

The Hand Clinic in Amsterdam is Installing Europe’s First Point-of-Care WristViewTM Compact MRI to Treat Hand and Wrist Injuries

The Hand Clinic in Amsterdam will start operating the very first WristViewTM Hand and Wrist MRI system in Europe by the end of this year. The clinic, which specializes in hand and wrist complaints, has purchased the WristView system from Israel-based life science company, Aspect Imaging (

Aspect Imaging launches helium-free, compact hand and wrist MR at RSNA 2016

Aspect Imaging has expanded its compact industrial and pre-clinical MR design to the medical market with the WristView MR System, which the company showcased at RSNA in Chicago last week. “It is the largest bore, permanent MR that we know of and it requires no helium for cooling, no special power supply, or a big shielded room,” Andrew Lonergan, VP of sales and marketing with Aspect Imaging to...

WristView™, Point-of-Care ‘Place -Anywhere’ Mini MRI System for Wrist and Hand Imaging, will be unveiled by Aspect Imaging at RSNA 2016.

Aspect Imaging introduces its game-changing, FDA-cleared and CE approved  MRI system which does not require any special RF-shielded facility. Chicago, IL -- November, 2016 -- Aspect Imaging, a life science company and manufacturer of state-of-the-art compact MRI systems, is exhibiting for the first tim...

Aspect Imaging Introduces its Cost-Effective, Top Quality, Multi-Modality Imaging Tools to Streamline Research

Aspect Imaging is presenting its advanced line of compact MRIs at WMIC; the simple, one-touch MRIs enable rapid drug testing, saving preclinical researchers time and money Tel-Aviv, Israel -- September, 2016 -- Aspect Imaging, a life-s...

Aspect Imaging and Seoul National University Partner to Launch the World’s First Commercial Simultaneous Preclinical PET/MRI Complete Solution

The life science company is teaming up with SNU’s Department of Nuclear Medicine to launch the world’s first permanent magnet commercial simultaneous PET/MRI complete solution for preclinical research at WMIC. The system is launching at the special price of $499,000 Tel-Aviv, Israel -- September, 2016 --

Aspect Imaging and frog Collaborate to Bring Innovation and Ease-of-Use to MRI Technologies

With insights from some of the world’s brightest medical professionals, the two companies are creating powerful, compact and easy-to-use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technologies Tel Aviv, July 2016 - Aspect Imaging<...

M7 Preclinical and Histology (Ex Vivo) Installation in Basel, Switzerland

Our M7 preclinical MRI System and the Histology Subsystem (Ex Vivo) were installed at the end of March at a leading bio pharmaceutical company in Switzerland. This leading company focuses on the discovery, development and commercialization of innovative drugs for diseases with significant unmet medical needs....

“Point and Shoot” MRI for Pre-clinical Research

M7™ delivers imaging for mice and rats weighing up to 700 grams. The development facilitates 2D and 3D, in vivo and in vitro techniques, as well as potential pre-clinical research applications in cancer, obesities, diabetes, embryology, nephrology and much more. systems have leveled the playing ground for pre-clinical research of varying size and scale. We designed the Mx Compact MRI product lin...


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