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Complete modelling solution for all your NMR/MIR/NIR modeling requirements

Automatic Modelling for Inline Process Control

ModelGateway is a complete modeling infrastructure using standard linear modeling to create new models that can immediately be put into the process and used for prediction. This enables to automatically predict the ASTM parameters to great accuracy and can also model NIR data.
The Model gateway provides a single software solution for all your NMR/MIR/NIR modeling requirements.

ModelGateway software was designed and developed by iModel, a subsidiary of Aspect AI. ModelGateway provides a complete infrastructure for modeling. It collects spectra from the Aspect AI-60 Process Analyzer together with laboratory data and stores it in a database. Whenever new lab data is available, the application creates new models that can immediately be put into the process and used for prediction.

There is no need for user intervention. The algorithm that creates the models searches between all training set combinations and removes outliers until the most accurate and robust model is found. This phenomenal software can automatically predict the ASTM parameters to great accuracy and can also model NIR data.

The art of model development is to identify which measurements are outliers and need to be removed. ModelGateway uses standard linear modeling techniques for building the model. Up until now, model developers remove outliers by observing the model result and identify which point is an outlier. The trick is to identify the outliers and remove them automatically.

ModelGateway uses an advanced algorithm to find the best training set possible and remove the outliers. The search algorithm takes into consideration the quality and robustness of the model and runs within the time limits defined by the operator.Model Gateway

The ModelGateway software has 3 interfaces:

  1. Analyzer Interface – Automatically loads new spectrum data whenever a new spectrum is available.
  2. Lab interface – Lab measurements are loaded into the database either manually – using an Excel-like interface, or automatically – through the Modbus interface.
  3. DCS Interface – New predictions are sent to the DCS for each analyzed property whenever a new spectrum is acquired.

Once the software is installed the operator just needs to feed lab data into the software. All the rest is done automatically.
The modeling process can be fully automated and run in the background. Advanced users can use Model Development Environment that lets the user define the parameters, manually remove outliers, and see a graphic representation of the modeling process.
Once the model is complete and put into process, the main screen shows a graph of the predictions and m-distance. Critical ASTM data are measured in-line on a real-time basis and automatically transmitted to the DCS which enables the optimization of the refining process.

This directly translates into millions of dollars of savings. The technology is applicable to a vast range of process applications including Crude Oil*, Silicon, and Polymer production

*(The technology is applicable to all crudes, whether whole, opaque or blended.)
ModelGateway provides a single software solution that contains all these elements in one place.

This graph shows the accuracy of the iModel ModelGateway software. The green dots are discrete measurements and represent data measured in the laboratory. The red line is from the ModelGateway and is a prediction of the lab data. The correlation between the red and green readouts show that ModelGateway predicts the lab data to an astounding level of accuracy.


ModelGateway software provides the following key benefits:

  • Fully Automated
  • Robust, stable and predictable.
  • Software only solution (Windows XP or higher)
  • Accurate – within 2.2% of ASTM standards (guaranteed – refinery application)
  • Automatic / Manual data collection from Lab and Analyzer
  • Data Processing
  • Integrates with Plant network through Modbus protocol interface to the DCS
  • Automatic generation of PLS models
  • Supports traditional Thermo Grams / Unscrambler models
  • Model quality validation based on lab data feedback
  • Graphic Reports / Alerts / Model Comparison / Status indications
  • Supports most correlative analyzers (NMR / NIR / FT-IR)
  • Excellent connectivity: providing up-to-date information in real-time
  • Affordable: creating significant savings on model development / maintenance

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