Compact High-Performance MRI


A Paradigm Shift in MR Imaging

Aspect Imaging is the world’s leader in high-performance compact MRI systems for pre-clinical, clinical and advanced industrial applications.

Powerful MRI. Simplified

Aspect Imaging’s breakthrough technology and related IP – compact high-performance permanent magnets – addresses the primary obstacles that exist in the current MRI market. These include:

  • High cost of purchasing, siting, operating and maintaining traditional high-field MRI systems,
  • Complexity of operating conventional complex MRI systems, and
  • Physical limitations and safety concerns related to traditional MRI systems due to their active magnetic fields.

The Aspect Imaging compact, high-performance MRI system solves all these issues as it is affordable to purchase, is virtually maintenance-free, it has no active magnetic field so it can be placed anywhere in a research lab—and virtually anywhere in a hospital — and it has been designed to be operated by a researcher or clinical technician with no prior imaging or MRI experience.

The M-Series is a game changer, providing the most flexible, affordable and easy-to-use in vivo MR imaging systems for preclinical research.

Simple to install, intuitive and user-friendly, convenient and accessible, our affordable MRI solutions enable you to create quantitative 3D whole body images.

Key Benefits of Compact MRI
  • No active fringe magnetic field — placed anywhere in a research facility (in a lab, next to other important modalities, behind the barrier) or in most locations in a hospital for clinical use
  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • Easy-to-use software, simple workflow and pre-programmed sequences — lab technician with no prior MRI or imaging experience can quickly master the platform and perform highly effective MR-based imaging experiments
  • No dedicated facilities or shielded rooms, no isolation from other metal objects, no special restrictions due the active field, no “siting” and no dedicated power supply or cooling required
  • Simple to install — imaging is usually performed by the end of the first day of installation
  • Aspect Imaging systems operate at a 1-Tesla field strength – the most suitable field strength and frequency in which to perform gadolinium-based contrast agent imaging due to the nature of the relaxivity curves of such agents. Aspect Imaging’s line of contrast agents – PhenoQuant™ – provide image enhancement benefits, have targeting capabilities (for specific biomarkers) and further increase the breadth of applications that can be performed on the instrument
  • MRI is routinely used in the clinic. As such, the M-Series is completely scalable and translatable from mouse to man as many of the clinical MRI approaches, sequences and applications can be scaled to be performed on the M-Series


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