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Aspect one-touch MRI

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Simple, intuitive and accesible MRI solution for research

Introducing the “M-Series” Compact, High-Performance MRI Systems
As researchers create breakthroughs in the understanding of disease using animal models, so too, Aspect Imaging has created a paradigm shift in preclinical phenotyping using MRI.

The M-Series is a game changer, providing the most flexible, affordable and easy-to-use in vivo MR imaging systems for preclinical research.
Simple to install, intuitive and user-friendly, convenient and accessible, our affordable MRI solutions enable you to create quantitative 3D whole body images.

What is Compact High-Performance MRI?
The centerpiece of Aspect Imaging’s revolutionary MRI system comprises a compact, high-performance permanent magnet with highly optimized MR gradients. This enables the imaging platforms powered by this system to benefit from an extensive range of applications and techniques, and an image resolution of an unprecedented level of precision and clarity, while maintaining simplicity of installation and operation.

It may be useful to think of this technology using the analogy of a smart phone. A smart phone camera is able to take instant ‘point-and-click’ photographs in automatic mode. It is a relatively simple device, easy to use, inexpensive, small and compact. Similarly, the Aspect One Touch MRI system is a highly cost-efficient system, designed to fit in any research lab (large or small), and is easy to use (utilizing our unique “One Touch MRI” software). For these reasons we consider the Aspect Imaging One Touch MRI System to be a true Paradigm Shift in the field, due to the advances it brings in magnet technology and software.

Aspect One-Touch MRI

  • Affordable: The M-Series system is affordable—both in terms of equipment costs as well as ongoing facility-maintenance and preparation costs. Unlike conventional superconducting or cryogen-free MRI systems, there are negligible ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Easy to Install: M-Series systems are routinely installed within a few hours, with initial imaging acquired by the end of the first day. Never has MRI been so easy to install and with such rapid initiation of the imaging process.
  • Easy to Use: Routine high-throughput 3D whole-body imaging can be easily and quickly implemented by researchers or technicians without prior MRI experience.
  • Simple and intuitive: The One-Touch MRI interface and integrated animal handling system enables researchers with little or no prior imaging experience to quickly and effectively perform imaging and quantification.
  • Placed Anywhere: M-Series Compact MRI systems can be easily moved and placed in a wide variety of locations within a research facility, including the lab, core imaging facility, next to other modalities, or even behind the barrier. Additionally, their portability enables convenient placement throughout hospitals and medical facilities for clinical use.
  • Powerful Applications: M-Series Compact MRI systems perform a comprehensive array of 3D anatomical, functional and molecular in vivo imaging applications.
  • Powerful In Vivo Results: M-Series Compact MRI systems quantify disease phenotypes, monitor disease progression and therapeutic efficacy, in a non-invasive, longitudinal and reliable manner.
  • Optimal Field Strength: The Aspect Imaging Compact MRI operates at a 1 Tesla field strength. This is the most suitable field strength and frequency in which to perform gadolinium-based contrast agent imaging due to the nature of the relaxivity curves of such agents. Aspect Imaging’s line of PhenoQuant contrast agents provides image enhancement benefits, targeting capabilities for specific biomarkers, and further increases the range of applications that can be performed by the system.
  • Fully Scalable: MRI is routinely used in the clinic. As such, Aspect Imaging Compact MRI is completely scalable and translatable from mouse to man, since many of the clinical MRI approaches, sequences and applications can be scaled to be performed by the system.

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