About Aspect Imaging

Aspect Imaging is the world leader in the design and manufacture
of compact, high-performance MRI systems. Its world-class M-series
(M3, M2, M7 and M10) compact high-performance MRI imaging
systems enable unique applications of MR imaging in markets where
conventional MRI is too expensive, too complex to install and
operate, and limited due to its large footprint and need for a
shielded facility.

Re-defining MRI in the clinical, pre-clinical and industrial markets.

The Company’s breakthrough technology and related IP - - compact high-performance permanent magnets - - addresses the primary obstacles that exist in the current MRI market. These include the high cost of purchasing, operating and maintaining high-field MRI systems, the complexity of operating complicated MRI systems, safety-related issues, and the physical limitations placed on traditional MRI systems due to their active magnetic fields. The Aspect Imaging's M2 system solves all of these issues as it is affordable to purchase, it is virtually maintenance-free and it has virtually no external magnetic field so it can be placed in many locations in a hospital clinically and anywhere in a research lab. In addition, it has been designed to be operated by researchers or technicians with no prior imaging or MRI experience. Because of this simplicity of operation, the power of MRI as a diagnostic standard in the pre-clinical market will now be available to be applied to complex biological questions in many research application areas including cancer research, neurobiology, obesity and diabetes, in vivo and ex vivo (ie. 3D histology) anatomical imaging. The system can leverage a variety of techniques including 2D, 3D and contrast agent acquisition and analysis in addition to participating easily in multi-modality applications and image co-registration.

Clinical Solutions

Aspect’s clinical program plans to use the Wrist MRI system** to perform high-throughput, high-quality MR imaging of patients’ wrists. Because the system is safe and requires no shielding, or specialty power cooling, the insights provided by these high-performance MRI systems can now be accessed by facilities and doctors in a broad range of fields that don’t have the budget or specialty staff to operate a full-body clinical MRI.

Advanced Industrial Solutions

For advanced industrial markets, Aspect’s FlowScan platform provides unmatched real-time quantitative results for rheological applications in agricultural, food processing, biofuel and process control verticals. In addition, Aspect also produces a state-of-the-art NMR platform with the same benefts of the FlowScan system for inline and bench-top measurement and real-time analysis of liquid composition that is essential in crude oil, FCC and petrochemical production.

Pre-Clinical Solutions

In the pre-clinical market, Aspect Imaging’s M2 high-performance permanent magnet and gradients are used in Bruker’s industry-leading 1-Tesla compact ICON™ system for pre-clinical research as well as Mediso’s nanoScan® integrated whole-body pre-clinical PET-MR and SPECT-MR systems. In addition, the M2 compact high-performance MR imaging system is also being marketed for 3D MR-based histology applications where requirements for exquisite results, affordability, portability, safety and ease-of-use are easily met by the M2 platform.